Sessions - what will happen?
Rates and Services

If you haven't attended for counselling before, and even if you have, you may like to know what will happen when we meet.

Initially, after introductions we will discuss the practicalities and our expectations of each other such as:

  • Domestic issues regarding health and safety etc.
  • Length of counselling sessions and how many sessions may be required.
  • How we maintain contact.
  • Procedure to follow if a session has to be cancelled.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Duty of Care.

After this the time will be yours to outline what benefit you hope to gain from counselling and we will work together to find the best way of improving your emotional well being. 

Sometimes simply telling me how it is for you can clarify your thinking and solutions can emerge from the telling.  At other times it may be that some techniques can be learned that will help in dealing with difficulties you are experiencing. 

At all times I will respect the responsibility you have for your own life and will support and encourage you to have the confidence to follow the route that is best for you.

At the end of our time together I would hope that you would have gained skills that will help at times of future difficulties and that you will feel better equipped to deal with life.