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I was delighted to receive the following testimonial from a client seen recently. I have been given permission to publish the content on my website.

"I believe the start of my counselling with Lorna did coincide with my reaching a point where I was more open and receptive to help, having said that I do feel without Lorna's support and guidance I would not have moved forward as well as I have.

Lorna has allowed me the opportunity to initially offload emotions that had become deeply embedded over years.

With Lorna's help I have been able to identify instances that I have found traumatic and upsetting in the past.

She has helped me process and evaluate the triggers of the depression.

She has developed my self-awareness introducing me to tools like journalling.

To take ownership but accept that there are limitations.

I have found the whole experience very positive.

I would like to thank Lorna for her gentle approach and patience."

NR  - Tyneside.